Dating is she losing interest

Be generous with your hugs and kisses. Surprise her occasionally with a gift for no reason at all other than to let her know that you're thinking about her. Tell your girlfriend that you care for her.

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Don't be afraid to come right out and say, "I love you" frequently. Leave little love notes for her to find. For example, write, "I love you" on sticky notes and leave one in the refrigerator, one on the bathroom mirror and one in her purse so she can find it later in the day. Take your girlfriend out.

Don't fall into a habit of watching TV every night and eating takeout food. Take your girlfriend to a new restaurant or club. Show her that you're not just a couch potato.

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  • Consciously break your regular routine. Take her on a romantic weekend getaway. Leave your worries and problems at home and just focus on having fun and making each other happy. Try doing something new together like taking an ethnic cooking class or taking up a new hobby like cycling.

    Signs A Woman Is Losing Interest

    Doing new things together releases oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel connected to someone, notes author and psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith in the Psychology Today article, "Ten Ways to Take Action and Make Your Relationship Better. Lighten up and laugh together. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's feel-good chemicals, notes HelpGuide. Rent a funny movie to watch together. Play a game that makes you both laugh. Go to a comedy club.

    11 Signs She Is Losing Interest in You

    Try to see the humorous side of things. Make your girlfriend laugh to win and keep her heart. Melissa Morang began writing professionally in Once the wax melts, it begins to release the volatile gas that actually stays lit and burns down in the candle. The candle will relight before you touch the wick because the gas floating above the candle will light. The wick holds the flame close enough to the wax to burn all the escaping gas.

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    Have you ever gone camping? Have you ever lit a fire without a match or a candle? Lighting a fire starts with kindling and other dry things. That is certainly not enough stuff to cook your dinner or keep you warm throughout the night, though.

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    • However, a big fuel-filled log is not going to light by twirling a stick or friction or even from using a match. You are starting a fire, and you want to keep it burning so you get the warmth and comfort from it. A lot of guys seem to want to get heat from the fire, but they are unable to light it. The first gentle sparks that come from the twirling twig are just enough to barely catch a red ember in the kindling.

      And when that ember—that glowing red smoke—comes, what happens next? Do you throw a log on it, forget about it, and then start going about your business?

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      You feed it with oxygen and cup your hands to protect it from too much wind—you coddle it. That flame will then be hungry for more kindling, so now you have to feed that flame to keep it alive.

      The flame is ready, but it will not light a log—the temperature needed is too high. So now you start feeding that little flame with slightly bigger dry things—twigs and leaves—usually already setup to make the most of the flame. Well, your twigs and leaves and small brittle things are arranged so air can make its way comfortably around them, and so that the flame can stay alive.

      How to Keep Your New Girlfriend from Losing Interest

      Finally, when the flame is high enough, you can add the real logs. At that point, the flame is big and hungry enough that it will devour everything you put in it and burn through the night without any more attention. I hope you realize that the flame is a metaphor for that attraction she has to you.