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I mean, we told them that they could go out. If they wanted to - You know they could have done it at any time. Something else is going on. But, Ernie, if you wanted people to think that you had a girlfriend wouldn't you take her out and show her off? Hey, I don't know how gay men think.

Can we talk for a second? Your dad and I don't understand what's going on between you two. We gave you permission to go and date, but you never leave the house. We're going to the homecoming dance Friday.

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Isn't that considered going out? Olivia, you were my ride to the dance. Okay, thanks a lot. I thought Jason was picking you up. No, he's going with his friends. I was gonna meet him there.

George Lopez -Carmen Fights Piper (dumb skank ass bitch)

The deal was he was supposed to pick you up at the front door. That's not how it works anymore.

George Lopez – S 3 E 5 – Carmen’s Dating

This isn't the Stone Age. I wish it was. We would've eaten you during winter. I don't want you to take me. Well, you're not walking. All you have to do is drop me off, make a U-turn and drive away really fast. We tried that when you were 3, but you kept finding your way home. You don't have to drive me that far. Please just drop me right here. Wait up for Carmen.

I've seen you in the cafeteria.

Carmen's Dating

Nice to meet you. That's how you treat your girlfriend? Follow her, make sure she's okay. I'll deal with Jason. It's bad enough to ignore my daughter, but I thought we had something.

We need to talk. Why did you pretend not to know my daughter? Lopez, I really like Carmen. Come on, you gotta believe me. Jason, you humiliated her. But I didn't want to.

You see Okay, Carmen's new at Allendale, right? And my friends we already have our group. Now, I honestly intended on taking her out but, you know, who she is and who I am Come on, man. Get to the point. We really can't be seen together in public. Look, my daughter deserves respect. Since you can't give it to her you're not allowed to see her anymore.

George Lopez () s03e05 Episode Script | SS

Do you understand me? Maybe you should leave that up to Carmen. You know, man, I knew cool guys like you in high school. You know what happened to them? They peaked at And the rest of their lives was all downhill from there, so go ahead, homeboy protect your big reputation while you can. I'd hate to see where you're gonna be five years from now.

I have an early admission to Stanford. You couldn't get in any schools around here, huh? All right, then where you gonna be ten years from now, fool? I hope to open a charitable organization to assist people in wheelchairs. You're tired of driving your brother around, huh?

Hey, that better not have been my last beer. I mean, I would give it back but now it is coursing through my alimentary canal pushed forward by tiny esophageal cilia. You know, everyone hates you here. You get in everybody's way. You've been here too long. Go, get a life. No one has told me this. I don't wanna be a burden on anyone.

Hey, wait a minute. You are always here. I don't just mooch off this family. I have a purpose here. Hey, Grandma, you left your cigarettes in my room.

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Can I keep the matches? Why, you certainly may. I already told Mom I don't wanna talk about it. I talked to Jason. What did you say to him?

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I told him it was over, and that he couldn't see you again. Why would you do that? You know what he said to me? Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode credited cast: George Lopez Constance Marie Angie Lopez Masiela Lusha Carmen Lopez Luis Armand Garcia Max Lopez Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Vic Palermo Bryan Fisher George reveals Max has been boxing, and Max goes to a tournament.

However, Max blunders by turning away during a match and gets a good whack to the head that gives him a concussion. To Max's annoyance, his family keeps him awake and answering questions despite the grade of concussion he has not being dangerous all night. Angie convinces George to let Vic in on his poker game. Vic loses poker and owes George 50 dollars, but Vic decides to take it off George's debt for the garage instead of paying it.

George and Vic get into a fight over the 50 dollars which results in Vic putting a lock on the garage and not telling George the combination, however, he does tell Max who doesn't remember it because he is dyslexic. In the end, he takes the lock off the garage, and pays George his 50 dollars. George wins an award at work for being the rising star in LA among all the minorities.