Entj and intp dating

I don't have a plan! I've never really had a relationship with an INTP - I only knew of one and she was quite a broken individual who was far too opinionated and narrow-minded for me to handle. ENTJ's like control and planning - they respect and appreciate those who trust them with this.

ENTJ x INTP relationships from an ENTJ perspective

If you trust an ENTJ with the big stuff and focus on the other 'between the lines' things that are smaller you'll stand out and be what they are looking for. Being submissive is a prerequisite when I look for a girl because I know and I don't mean to sound arragant that any woman trying to be assertive, dominant and not taking into account the way my brain adapts to a multitude of situations they are simply ignorant applies to male social interactions too. When interacting with an ENTJ they are learning everything about you, and are doing it ten times quicker than the pace in which they learnt it.

This sometimes gets them into trouble. A great partner for an ENTJ is one who can see this. Those who cannot typically cause problems for the ENTJ. My perspective and from my experience anyway. I've been on a date with one and while it was intellectually stimulating, he was way too flighty and he thought I was too intense. I've gotten along best with other NJ types. No offense intended to those who might be same sex attracted nor egalitarian minded folks.. Am speaking in terms of traditional societal roles.

My INTP experience was mostly positive. We had many cultural differences that caused conflict and eventually she returned to her country for family reasons. My advice to other ENTJs is you must relax more about the nuisance of daily life. Most things don't need a plan. Make spontaneity the plan more often.

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Spontaneity will provide you unforeseeable riches to discover along the way. Sign In Sign Up. No, towels should not be left on the floor even if we have a maid who cleans. Please don't leave your shoes next to the bed because I've tripped on them in the middle of the night.

INTP Weaknesses

What is the bag of raw meat we bought from the store doing on the BED?! As long as you are honest and loyal to me, I will reciprocate.

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You seem to never need it. Please let me sleep at least 10 hours one day of the week But you picked an ENTJ, so you should expect that. This may be specific only to our relationship, but since my dominant function is extraverted thinking and his is introverted thinking, we clashed quite often with simply the way we viewed the world and interpreted information, causing a lot of conflict.

Without getting into specifics, this resulted in misunderstanding of intentions and hurt feelings.

INTP Relationships

Explaining thought processes generally helped with this problem. Additionally, a major point of conflict was our levels of being extraverted in general. I wanted to spend a lot of time together and talking, and he didn't.

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This led to him feeling guilty for not being able to provide the level of communication I needed and me feeling too needy or clingy often times. So finding that balance there is important. Lastly, both being intuitive people, it is very easy to find big picture solutions to problems without setting tangible steps to reach this goal.

This can lead to many arguments and disappointment and feeling like you aren't fixing the issue.

Without those tangible steps to gauge whether or not you are improving the problem, it can seem like you aren't making progress, while you might actually be! These are simply some issues I ran into in my relationship and clearly the relationship didn't work out so maybe you shouldn't take advice from me. Impeccable thanked this post. By not doing any of this: When this happens, the two can find respectful, trusting middle ground so they can relax and play in wonder. Impeccable and Khadroma thanked this post. Its a fucking headache as an INTP but its worth it if you crave them enough.

Show affirmation and do things for her sporatically. ENTJs get bored ever so quickly. We just need our minds. Also, expect them to try and read every bit of you.

MBTI INTP Dating and Intimacy

Your poker face will drive them nuts. My girl uses the phrase "Okay, so I know you don't care but Every time I say I do care and reply emphatically. Doesn't change a godamn thing haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Lol, love the bit at the end. I never had the balls to say when I was in fed up time waste, no irrelevant argh. Been seeing her for 2 weeks. Okay, so you want it quick right?