Mars in scorpio dating

What gets us all fired up? What makes us angry, and how do we express that anger? What do we really desire, and how do we go about getting it? The sign position of Mars reveals much about our basic animal nature—our aggressive instincts, our sexuality, and our drive. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how to determine the sign of your Mars in your Astrology birth chart. Back to Page 1: Mars in Aries thru Mars in Virgo.

Mars in Libra natives often reflect about things before they act. Decisiveness is not their strong point, but they do, eventually, get things done. Many people with this position procrastinate, generally because they feel the need to weigh all of the alternatives before taking action. These natives can easily get caught up in defending themselves and others. Although their overall goal is to live peacefully, they stir others up with their desire to balance everything. Still, they always play innocent when they are challenged, and can generally charm the birds out of the trees to win your favor.

Passive-aggressiveness is practically the hallmark of this position. Too often, this results in sneaky behavior and subterfuge. On the other hand, some Mars in Libra people turn the Mars energy into action, and they fight for Libran justice and fairness in the world. On the up side, Mars in Libra people are adept at predicting when problems and discord will occur well in advance. They know how to compromise and are excellent at conflict management.

Astrology: Mars in the Signs

See also the Sexuality of Mars in Libra. Mars in Scorpio natives love to challenge themselves to do the impossible.

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They throw themselves into what they decide to do with concentrated energy and awesome willpower. These people make formidable opponents, although often quietly so. They keep their cool and their equilibrium on the surface. Below the surface may be another story, and they are unlikely to easily let you in. The sexual stamina of this position is thought to be the strongest of all the positions of Mars. Sometimes, Mars in Scorpio people are attracted to taboos, and their fantasies may involve blowing the taboos to smithereens!

And, their sexual appeal is strong enough that they generally do get what they want. They find it difficult to share their partners, though they will likely never admit this.

In stark contrast to Mars in Libra, who is most comfortable with the middle ground, Mars in Scorpio has a black-or-white philosophy of life. Real living , to Mars in Scorpio, is all about accepting challenges and making changes. These people constantly test themselves, and, often, others.

Mars in Scorpio Woman

They make all kinds of rules and goals, just for the personal satisfaction that comes from achieving or mastering them. Their survival instincts are strong, and they embrace their own animal nature when they are all alone with themselves, without guilt.

So A Scorpio Is Mad At You... (Sun, Moon, Mars)

These people have a provocative quality to them. This quality is usually most evident in youth, though it is often carried over into adulthood in more subtle, controlled ways. Mars in Scorpio natives who have low self-esteem can become mighty twisted. Instead of beating themselves up, they turn self-loathing outward, and end up manipulating others and feeling resentful. See also the Sexuality of Mars in Scorpio. You want to feel young, alive, and a little bit dangerous. You may even like to think of yourself and your lover as a dirtier version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who does not know how to play your game. Make sure to find a lover who wants to be in a relationship like this. For the more detached Aquarius, you will seem a bit obsessive about it. You love head games and maybe even some BDSM, but not all prospective partners will have your same lovemaking kinks and curiosities. You will benefit from finding a partner who is a bit of a rebel, such as a Pisces. If you crave a closer attachment, you might fit well with an Earthy, soulful partner.

Sun enters Aquarius

Mars enters Scorpio on December 9th. Mars will not enter the next sign until after the New Year has arrived. Be sure to use this precious time efficiently and wisely. You are always up for a challenge and usually perform well enough to place. However, you will find more fulfillment in your search for and discovery of your innermost fantasies and lovemaking needs, and a partner who you can openly share and enjoy them with. Do not be afraid of your own power, nor the added power of Mars in Scorpio. You tend to have a bit of a pessimistic outlook on life, compared to loved ones. Be aware that things that make you upset or uncomfortable can also serve as warnings or red flags, indicating bigger, underlying problems.

With Mars in Scorpio, be brave and explore your fears and conquer them. Once you know the rules, you understand it is her game. May date men who seem dangerous.

May date men who are dark or darker then them physically or metaphorically. May date men who are very sexy and sexual.

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May prefer a man that is a rebel, a loner, or a counterculturist of some type. Mars in Scorpio can be very into activities that are weird, psychedelic, occult, magical etc. They often exert a lot of energy experimenting in areas of the unknown and shooting themselves, in some form, into oblivion.

Mars in the Signs – Continued: Mars in Libra through Mars in Pisces

They often experiment with drugs. They have to exercise extreme caution with these substances because they can easily get lost in that world. Scorpio is the sign of the underworld and its very easy for them to tell themselves they belong only there.