Sagittarius man dating a capricorn woman

Married to a sag for 8 yrs.

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Never really know what's on their minds. When they love you they love, there just a tad guarded. I have had 2 Sag's in my life and they couldn't be any different! My ex was the perfect Sag. Everything written about them fit him to a 'T'. And the sex was out of this world, but afterward, it was business as usual. It took awhile not to take the 'see ya later' attitude personally. I'm sure it took him awhile if he ever really did to understand that one minute I can be cool and collected and the next a borderline nutcase.

Just when I thought he didn't give a rats ass if I was upset, he'd surprise me with a cheer up visit. He was also quick with the sharp tongue followed by many an apology when he realized he crossed the line. The relationship ended when I decided I needed more emotional support than he could honestly give me. Though my husband is also a Sag, he has none of the traits listed! He's the most loving, caring, attentive loyal m an I have ever known and I love him with all my heart.

The sex is different also. Its fine, but with none of the same wild abandon as with my ex.

Sagittarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility

I have come to realize over the years that I would take this not so conventional Sag, whom I know will love and care for me for life, then one who I can't trust to protect my heart and soul I think the "indirectly rude" comment sums up Sag's well. The key difference between them seems to be whether they do it accidentally, or whether they get a kick out of it. For whatever reasons it seems some Sag's never figure that part out, thinking it's their right to say whatever offensive thought passes through their heads at any moment.

Like the rest of us don't have them.. I've been off and on with my sag for almost a year. I'm so confused with him that I want to say forget it!! The first time I broke up with him, I completely disappeared on him, changing my number and all. I'm so happy I haven't fallen in love with this man, because I never know how he's feeling. He says things that give me hope, but are they good enough things to catch me? With this relationship it requires a butt-load of compromise, the hardest thing is getting past our ways, and just actually listening to one-another.

It's funny because the way we argue is for both of us to contradict our way of being. I love to be carefree but when trying to talk to my partner I wanna sort things out, while my Capricorn girlfriend wants to just drop it and let it cool down.

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I've learned a lot from her and couldn't be happier, hopefully it keeps rolling down this hill of refreshment. I am a Sagittarius male and im am with a Capricorn women and we are very happy although most sites say it would be a hard match we work beautifully together.

I'm currently dating a Sagittarius Male and I'm a Capricorn girl. Not only does he fit the personality trait of a general sagg, but he has other personality traits that make me wonder.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

They may be put as unemotional or rude, but he isn't unemotional. He's unemotional with those outside of our relationship. He actually was the first to tell me he loved me, and not on impulse. We've been seeing each other for almost five months. There are times when he acts like he doesn't care of doesn't have feelings.

But, I know from the depths of my soul that he's a cupcake on the inside. I certainly express my emotions more than he does, but hell make his significant interventions and speak up at times. We've never had sex, but by our chemistry, I'm pretty sure that it would be extremely enjoyable.

It would be something that we'd both participate in freely. As I'm Capricorn, but I'm also Aquarius.

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Born on a cusp, so I'm in between signs. We're opposites in many ways, but it seems to work. From many people's viewpoints, I'm the angel and he's a demon.

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Due to my natural inclination to be polite and kind; and his to be mean, cold, and sometimes a little standoff-is emotionally. We've learned things from each other, and it's been interesting. I often wonder when he's going to tell me he doesn't want me anymore. Or when were gonna stop talking. I'm actually afraid of him; cause he has the ability to hurt me deeply, and there are many times that he hides his emotions from me.

But, our closeness is a work in progress. Every day, it gets better. I love my Sagittarius! I am a Cap woman and he is a sag man But Ialso believe he is an amazing man and person. We lost a child in a short time together and he never left my side through it all I'm a strong Capri woman. I dated a Sag for three years. We were amazing together. Although we are quite different we balance each other very well. He is a bit guarded, but as a Capricorn I am as well.

Most pages say these signs do not mix but this is the best, healthiest, and happiest relationship I have ever experienced.

I don't know, so far it seems pretty good and fun, but like most sag men I don't ever know what happens next or what he gonna do.. So our relationship has been the oddest experience I've had in life! I am a Sag Man and have been friends with a Cap girl for a long time. The attraction is so strong I cannot resist it anymore, she is so sexy but with a touch of vulnerability.

Im a Capricorn woman who dated a Sag male for four yrs. Sags do not cut it in this area. Sag men are very happy go lucky and unstable.

The minds change just like the weather. I am a capri woman and have dated two Sagi men..

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They are awfully blunt and honest and can really hurt your ego.. I have a child with a sag man and I swear these last 2years have been a crazy experience,i dnt know if he loves me or if he just deal with me becuz of our daughter, he plays with my feelns he messes with other people and let them chicks play on my phn,tell me that he love dis other chick den he tell me he jus tell her that cuz dats what she wanted to hear,one minute he say he wanna be with me den he tell me he dnt want no relationship, I dnt get them so ive decided to move on and now when he see's me he cant keep his hands off of me,now,can anybody explain dis shit to me cuz im confused im and love with him and I cant or dnt even wanna be wit no one else, he didn't use to be this way, he change after I found out I was pregnant with our daughter,he's a good father but as a man he sucks,he's childish,foolish and he do thngs just to get a reaction out of me,like y?

I am a Capricorn woman who has dated a Sagittarius man for a month.